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Auditing Services
Auditing Services
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BLI provides auditing services for companies seeking ISO9000 certification and for training organisations seeking national registration

ISO9000 Certification

Quality Assurance and ISO9000 consulting and training
(certified by Standards Australia No 92/2/4575)

BLI has undertaken internal ISO9000 audits for a number of companies including ASC (formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation), Orica Watercare, and Trojan Fire Protection

RTO Compliance

Auditing of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) for compliance with Standards for RTOs 2015
(contracted to the NSW Department of Education and Training)

BLI has carried out compliance audits of RTOs for VETAB, the former Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board of New South Wales

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The Department of Industry's Skills website
includes a complete listing of all nationally available VET courses, qualifications, and RTOs
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